Preliminary Program

  Time Title Speaker Affiliation 7th March 2011   Fundamentals & Instrumentation       08:00-09:30 Interaction of Matter with Waves O. Paris MU Leoben   10:00-10:45 Synchrotron Radiation and Instrumentation S. Bernstorff Elettra Trieste   10:45-11:30 Free Electron Lasers T. Tschentscher European XFEL   11:30-12:15 Micro- and Nanobeams C. Riekel ESRF Grenoble             17:00-17:45 Neutron Optics & Instrumentation E. Bauer TU Wien   17:45-18:30 Neutron sources: classical and
non-classical neutron beams H. Rauch ATI Wien             20:30 Poster Session               8th March 2011   Diffraction       08:00-09:30 Scattering Theory J. Stangl JKU Linz   10:00-10:45 X-ray diffraction from nanostructures D. Kriegner JKU Linz   10:45-11:30 Protein Crystallography R. Schwarzenbacher Uni Salzburg   11:30-12:15 µ-Laue diffraction: A tool to probe
imperfect crystals at the micron scale Ch. Kirchlechner ESI & MU Leoben             17:00-17:45 Structure of Organic Thin Films R. Resel TU Graz   17:45-18:30 Magnetic Structure with Neutrons M. Loewenhaupt TU Dresden             20:30 NESY Meeting               9th March 2011   Small-Angle Scattering & Applications       08:00-08:45 SAXS & SANS on Soft Matter O. Glatter KFU Graz   08:45-09:30 GISAXS & Reflectivity H. Amenitsch IBN Graz   10:00-10:45 SAXS in Materials Science H. Peterlik Uni Wien   10:45-11:30 3D SAXS/WAXS B. Aichmayer MPI-KGF Potsdam   11:30-12:15                   17:00-17:45 Materials for Aircraft Engines H. Clemens MU Leoben   17:45-18:30 A kaleidoscope of SAXS in the real world:
From membranes to coal P. Laggner IBN Graz             20:30 Poster Session               10th March 2011   Dynamics & Imaging       08:00-08:45 Inelastic Scattering G. Krexner Uni Wien   08:45-09:30 Neutron Spin Echo: Principles F. Mezei Uni Budapest   10:00-10:45 Neutron Spin Echo: perspectives at future
spallation sources F. Mezei Uni Budapest   10:45-11:30 X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy G. Vogl Uni Wien   11:30-12:15 Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy H. Abele ATI Wien             17:00-17:45 Neutron Tomography B. Schillinger TU München   17:45-18:30 X-ray Microtomography on Materials G. Requena TU Wien             20:30 Poster Session               11th March 2011   Spectroscopy       08:00-08:45 X-ray Microscopy F. Meirer FBK Trento   08:45-09:30 X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy Ch. Streli ATI Wien   10:00-10:45 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy G. Pepponi FBK Trento   10:45-11:30 Photoelectron Spectroscopy G. Koller KFU Graz   11:30-12:15 Polarized Neutrons G. Badurek ATI Wien